Our Vision

Substance without substances. 

People decide not to drink for lots of reasons: health/fitness goals, religious beliefs, addiction recovery, medical reasons (including pregnancy), not wanting to get sacked for telling your boss what you really think—the list goes on.

None of these people want to go out and socialise with no decent non-alcoholic options available.

And that is where Club Soda comes in…

Club Soda Australia delivers quality alcohol free drinks throughout Australia via our online store. We use flat fee shipping rates so we can get your drinks to you for as cheap as possible (because lets be honest, expensive shipping fees are the actual worst).  

Our mission is to give people delicious alcohol free beverages they will actually want to drink, not because there are no other options, but because they taste freakin' awesome.

See where we are popping up around you here, or you can explore our non alcoholic drinks by checking out our Club Soda Shop. We only stock the best non-alcoholic beers, ciders and spirits (like the very popular Seedlip).

Happy shopping and if you have any suggestions on new non alcoholic drinks we can include if you’ve decided to take a break from drinking or are trying to cut down your alcohol use, please let us know via hello@clubsodaperth.com or use the contact form.

Drink yourself sober.