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Sian Reed - Founder

Club Soda was founded by Sian Reed in July 2017. Sian has a Bachelor of Psychology (Honours), a Bachelor of Commerce (Marketing) and a Master of Applied Psychology (Professional). She has a combination of both corporate, academic and research experience working as a Human Resources Advisor, Research Interviewer, Drug and Alcohol Counsellor, and most recently a Provisional Psychologist. 

Sian is scared of ducks. 


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Jordan Newnham - Communications COnsultant

Jordan is a a communications and media professional with experience spanning from journalism to senior government advisory roles.  Jordan finds people and their stories fascinating and is driven by a sincere belief in improving the lives of others through the communication of important ideas. Jordan holds a Bachelor of Arts (Journalism). 

Jordan once gave a speech at a wedding he wasn’t invited to


LinkedIn: Jordan Newnham

Shilaine Riddell - Administration Manager

Shilaine is a skilled administration professional with over 6 year's experience in roles ranging from the health industry to tertiary education. Shilaine is passionate about supporting organisation's making a difference, particularly those that are disrupting industries. She brings along to Club Soda a thirst (pun intended) for spreading the positive message of the organisation throughout Perth and Australia. 

Shilaine only eats the top half of cupcakes.