How to make a great non-alcoholic cocktail

This non alcoholic cocktail recipe is one of the best. Perfecto for summer - refreshing, feels healthy yet tastes delicious, has the ideal balance of dripping sweetness and tart bitterness, and would probably tell you that you’re doing a great job and is proud of you if it could (untested theory).

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4 tips to survive an event booze-free

Whether you’re taking a short-term break from booze or you’re saying thank you, next to booze for a while, these tips might come in handy in setting you up for success (they really helped me when I cut down in 2016). 

1.    Surround yourself with supportive and caring friends. Seriously. It seems obvious to me now, but it took me sometime before I realised the reason I was finding it difficult not to drink at events, was because the company I was surrounding myself with actually were not that pleasant. Essentially this tip is summed up in the words of Queen Emperor of the World Michelle Obama - “Choose friends who lift you up.”

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What's up with the increased demand for non alcoholic beers in Australia?

People decide not to drink for lots of reasons: health/fitness goals, religious beliefs, addiction recovery, medical reasons (including pregnancy), not wanting to get sacked for telling your boss what you really think—the list goes on. None of these people want to sit at home by themselves on Saturday night watching reruns of Law & Order SVU (ok, some of them probably do, and tbh under certain circumstances that sounds like a pretty decent night).

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